More than 500 games in common English

More than 500 games in common English


    More than 500 games in common English
    A group of commonly used English phrases
    translated into Arabic will help you learn the English language quickly, because among the ways to learn this language is to memorize a set of words every day, phrases and sentences to develop your knowledge of the terms of this language in addition to control and master a set of rules and link that help you to form sentences in the right way.
    Frequently used phrases and expressions in English
    The English language is among the best and most important languages, because everyone, especially those who study, must learn this language because of its ease of contrast with other languages. By learning the English language, a new world opens up for you, a new culture and new sciences, because this language is the second language in most countries, and the fact that most scientific research is done in this language makes learning necessary for everyone.

    Today, in this topic, we present you with a set of phrases and sentences frequently used in English, especially to communicate with others, you can memorize some of them every day and try to use them so that you don't forget them, because the more your balance of words and phrases increases your ability to form useful sentences and communicate. Effective with others, God willing.
    A group of important English phrases
    Below are some of the most frequently used phrases in English, as well as a link to download over 400 frequently used phrases in that language from the download link below them.

     More than 400 other commonly used phrases

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    Sorry, I can not stay.
    .أعتذر, لا أستطيع البقاء

    Sorry I can not go out tonight.
    .عذرا لا أستطيع الخروج الليلة

    Sorry for not being helpful.
    .أعتذر لعدم تمكني لخدمتك

    Sorry for not being there yesterday.
    .أعتذر لعدم حضوري البارحة

    One moment please!
    لحظة من فضلك!

    What does this mean?
    ما معنى هذا؟

    .I don’t know anybody
    .لا أعرف أحداً

    I would like a cup of coffee, please.
    .أود الحصول على فنجان قهوة من فضلك

    They like each other.
    .يحبون بعضهم البعض

    Don’t worry.
    .لا تقلق

    Everyone knows it.
    .الجميع يعرف ذلك

    Everything is ready.
    .كل شيء جاهزا


    ?Do you have a minute
    هل لديك دقيقة؟

    ?Can you please repeat that
    هل يمكنك تكرار ذلك رجاءً؟

    ?Are there any rules I should know about
    هل هناك  أي قواعد يجب أن أعرفها؟

    ?Are you coming with me
    هل ستأتي معي؟